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Course TypeCommunity HealthDrug LogisticsHealth Administration and Hospital ManagementHealth FinancingHealth Management Information System (HIMS)HIV/AIDSLeadership in Health care sectorMedical and Nursing Care ImprovementNursibg AdministrationPallative Careothers


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CBCHS Regional Training Center Background

The RTC created in 2004 is an offshoot of the CBCHS partnership with AWARE HIV/AIDS. It was created based on the need to train staff and upgrade the skills of personnel in peculiarly relevant fields of public health and community outreach especially in a sub Saharan African setting.The courses are chosen and designed based on felt needs, contextual realities, changing trends and global standards.

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Our Expertise

Market Niches

Health Personel, Health systems (e.g Catholic system), Health units (Hospitals, clinics, Health centers, Laboratories centers, etc), Community-based organisations, Non-for-profit organisations […]

Purpose of RTC

Build capacities for health personnel for better performance. Enhance effectiveness of health and community-based institutions. Ensure better health care and outreach for communities through […]

Current Situation

The RTC has already kicked off and is running with fifty (50) students from within the CBCHS. However, there is a serious need for more non-CBCHS students to enroll and benefit from the course.

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Are our teachers really

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CBC RTC OF Excellence

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