Change in proportionate Giving from 20%-27%

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It is now clear that Proportionate Giving moves from the present 20% to 27% come January 2018. This will be another mile stone in the History of the Cameroon Baptist Convention. This unprecedented move will also end the syndrome of designated Sundays. Most CBC Churches complain that they do not have enough free Sundays to raise funds to concentrate on their projects. The scraping of designated Sundays liberates the churches from directly funding the Departments. The 27% Proportionate Giving experts say it will handle the needs of Departments and fund the Theological and Christian Education plus the Communication and Publication Departments.

Many Departments that are gasping for lack of funds cannot afford to wait to see these envisage changes.The Theological and Christian Education Department already has a Director. A full Board will be elected this December 2017 to ensure that it goes fully operational. The Communication and Publication Department is the last to be put in place. Some have argued that it would have been the first. The saddest thing is that even though it can set the agenda on the News paper and radio, its full operationalization is not yet a topic of discussion at the General Council. Maybe the next council may start saying something on this. The Communication and Publication Department has ambitious or robust plans that cannot take off for lack of funds. The question begging for answers is whether this would be the panacea. Could this be the beginning of the end of a tale of sorrow? We will be patient enough to wait and see. The Department will obviously be restructured and things will be put just where they are expected to be.

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