General Council updates and ratification of elections of new Directors

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General Council updates and ratification of elections of new Directors

The CBC General Council meeting on Friday June 23, 2017 at the Baptist Centre Nkwen endorsed proposals and recommendations from the various Boards of the Convention.

The General Council attended by over 60 members admitted a new Field Pastor for Kumba. He is Rev. Tute Elvis, a master degree holder from Nigeria. The chair persons of Finance and Development Mr. Bomnsa Thaddeus, that of Health Dr. Jonah Wefuan, Education, Mr. John Kongor, Evangelism / Missions Rev. Shadrach Vegah presented their Board recommendations to the council for ratification.

Presenting Mr. Nyangaji Job as the elected Education Secretary the council ruled that the new Education Secretary will not hold the position of Vice Chair person of the Convention and Education Secretary cumulatively. In this light a search and norminatio0n committee was put in place by the Council to get a new CBC Vice Chairperson in the December General Council Meeting.

The Council examined a number of issues on the table, one of them being the Noni crisis. The Noni Field was absent at the General Council following the resignation of their Field Pastor some months ago. Noni Field is in crisis chiefly for disputing over the location of her head quarters. The General Council opted to send someone to work and stabilize the field.

Another bond of contention at the General Council was the payment of one month salary to CBC teachers who have not been paid for over six months due to the Socio- Political climate that has paralyzed the Sector. The council agreed that the entire CBC will mobilize the over 60 million needed to pay just one month salary.

The Council ratified the election of the new Education Secretary Mr. Nyangaji Job and Mr. Ntam Ephraim as the New Director of Finance and Development. Also Pastor Nfor Julius was endorsed as pioneer Missionary to Gabon. Dr. Alyssa Parker and Rev. Brand Parker accepted as new Missionaries to work with the Health, Evangelism and Missions departments respectively. The Council besides Board recommendations discussed the Executive President’s report. The EP informed the Council that the revised church handbook is now ready for printing at the cost of 2.500 FRS. The EP said a total of 29 Fields have submitted the record of their lands to the landed property Manager. He said a Baptist Secondary School is in the making in Bassossia. The EP also informed the council that work on the renovation of his residence begins soon; calling those Fields which are yet to make their contributions to do so. He said the CBC Development Funds has already given out over 180million francs as loans.

The council frowned at those Fields that have not yet submitted their statistics to the EP’s Office only 18 Fields of the 31 have done so. A list of 14 pastors was presented for Ordination. The council accepted New England Theological Seminary NETS to work in partnership with the CBC.

The General Council lasted over eight hours including. It was a record breaking meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Yosimbom Mkong John, 4:30pm was closing time considered unprecedented by Rev Dr. Ncham Godwill the CBC Executive President. It should be noted that Council members were reminded that their role is to discuss board based policies and allow the Departments of the CBC to develop the details and carryout fine-tuning.

The General Council ended on a lighter note as members reclined at table with Dr. Ncham to share his joy of his achievement of a Doctor of Ministry in preaching and leader. He bagged this degree on 20th May from Ausbury Theological Seminary in USA. Rev. Dr. Ncham Godwill used the opportunity to appreciate the Council adding that he will now have enough time to carry on with Ministry. He said the support of the council cannot be under estimated.

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