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Many CBC Christians seem to know very little about their identity as Baptists, while those who understand this identity seem to take it for granted. This phenomenon justifies the decision of the CBC Executive President, Rev. Dr. Ncham Godwill to embark on a nationwide tour of the fields to re-educate the Christians on the urgency for the Christians re-appropriate their identity.

In this light, Dr. Ncham has so far been to a number of fields, including Ndu,Nso, Noni, Bamenda, and Yaounde. During each of these visits the CBC leader devoted ample time to the Baptist “distinctives”. He explained that the CBC is a congregational church organization with a constellation of affiliated churches whose existence and functioning are governed by what he described as cooperative autonomy. What this means is that the churches work in synergy with and are mutually accountable to one another through an accountability or administrative model that spans from the associations through the fields to the convention. This horizontal and vertical model of church governance suggests therefore that the churches are not independent but exist only in association without which they cease to exist.

Another crucial point which the Executive President hammered on was the need for the churches to be regular, consistent and prompt in their response to the 27% proportionate giving because the CBC depends on it to carry out the Great Commission. He appreciated the churches that are doing so well in this domain and admonished the slow-footed ones to be faster.

Rev. Dr. Ncham also urged CBC Christians and institutions to pick up term deposits with the CBC Development Fund. This is essential to the broadening of the capital base of the Fund so that it can finance the infrastructural development and other engagements of the CBC.   

So much water has passed under the bridge during Rev. Ncham’s second mandate. He has ensured the speedy renovation of the Executive President’s residence and the construction of the administrative complex at the Baptist center Bamenda, giving the seat of the convention a befitting facelift.

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