CBC Executive President is back in his official residence

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CBC Executive President is back in his official residence

CBC Executive President is back in his official residence

By Emmanuel Bah Tokoh

The CBC Executive President and his family are back in their official residence at the Baptist Center. They had spent about half a year in a private facility in Bamenda pending the remodeling of their official residence to the tune of 50 million CFA Francs.

A pre-dedicatory ceremony was held on March 28, 2018 to thank God for the successful completion of the renovation works on the CBC Executive President’s Residence. An elaborate dedicatory ceremony is expected later this year.  Present at the pre-dedicatory ceremony were the Department heads and other personalities with managerial responsibilities at the Baptist center.

Speaking during the ceremony, the contractor, Mr. Abonge Patrick, thanked God for giving him the opportunity to serve Him by executing the renovation project. He said the task was challenging, but God gave him the grace to do a beautiful job, not only as a contractor, but also as a Baptist Christian.

A concerned Baptist clergyman, Rev. Dr. Ndongnde Godlove, said he was proud to identify with a dynamic CBC and would be comfortable to introduce the residence of the Executive President to visitors now as opposed to the shame he had before the house was renovated.

The Executive President, Rev. Dr. Ncham Godwill, appreciated the collective efforts that brought the project to fruition. He described the house as an opportunity for the present generation of CBC Christians to build on the foundations erected by the American missionaries. Dr. Ncham praised the Almighty for the house as an achievement to bequeath posterity and give God’s church an image worthy of His awesomeness.

The remodeled edifice has enough living and office space as well as rest facilities. The house replaces the obsolete residence inherited from the North American Baptist missionaries constructed in the 1950s. It is one of the landmark achievements of the current CBC leadership.

The Ncham administration is also expecting the keys of a mouth-watering CBC administrative complex in the months ahead. The project worth over 200 million CFA francs replaces the 70- year-old Gebauer House, which was demolished in December 2017. It will accommodate the services of the Executive President, the Directorates of Evangelism and Missions, Education, Finance and Development, Theological and Christian Education, Cooperating Missions and perhaps other services. 

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  1. I am excited about this face lift at the Baptist headquarters. More grace to the leadership of the CBC

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