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CBC Headquarters Building now a palpable reality

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CBC Headquarters Building now a palpable reality
By Emmanuel Bah Tokoh
The newly constructed Headquarters Complex of the Cameroon Baptist Convention in Bamenda has been provisionally received from the contactor. The ceremony took place on Monday August 20, 2018 at Nkwen Baptist Center Bamenda under the auspices of the CBC Executive President, Rev. Dr Ncham Godwill. The imposing structure is standing on the faith of thousands of Christians who dreamed of such a monumental achievement as far back as the early 1990s.The Faith Project as it was then christened ebbed into oblivion over the years and seemed unattainable. But since faith is evidence of a life of reliance on God’s inscrutable generosity, today in spite of the hard times inflicted on the church by the Anglophone crisis, the Administrative Building stands tall and unabashed by the little faith of the skeptics of the Faith Project. The edifice sits in a vantage point with the quiet and humble splendor as envisioned some 70 years ago by the founder of the Gebauer Hill (Nkwen Baptist Center), Rev. Paul Gebauer.
Mr. Chiambah Abraham, CBC civil engineer assigned to check the quality of the project, certified the job as receivable despite what he referred to as a few reservations needing finishing touches. He thanked all the collaborators for their constructive and objective ideas that helped to accelerate and shape the project. The CEO of the contracting firm, Dreamland Connect, Mr. Edison Fru, did not see his profit from the contact any more gratifying than the joy of service in building a tower for God’s glory. He said he was most humbled by the opportunity to be the choice of the CBC to execute the project. He added that in space and time “nothing happens for nothing and God’s time is the best”.
CBC Executive President Rev. Dr Ncham Godwill breathed a sigh of relief after close to two decades of waiting for the fulfillment of the dream of his CBC parents and siblings decades back for a headquarters building that defies the logic of poverty and reflects the abundance of Heaven. He said “at long last we are here today, and this isn’t anything for anyone to claim as a personal achievement .Only God could have provided the wherewithal to realize such a magnificent project in the heat of a devastating crisis in the country”. He appreciated all CBC Christians and partners of the CBC for their sacrifices that worked like little tributaries to fill the ocean that turned the financial turbines of the project. Dr Ncham posited that we might not be here today to receive the Faith Project as conceived but it was the vindication of the unruffled faith of the church in the early 1990s when the idea of a befitting head office complex was hashed. He described the building as the first of three projects envisaged by his administration.
In a spiritually emotive prayer, the CBC Director of Evangelism and Missions, Rev. Dr Paul Mokake thanked God Almighty for the realization of the project and asked Him to reenergize those who participated in the process and replenish the sources from where they got the resources. He prayed that the offices would be used to magnify the Lord.
Also present at the event were the Directors of Education, Mr. Nyanganji Job, Men’s Department, Rev. Njego Richard, Women’s Department, Mrs. Fuban Caroline, Christian and Theological Education, Rev. Dr Ndeley Samuel, Cooperating Missions, Mr. Calvin Hohn, Finance and Development, Mr. Ntam Ephraim, and Youth Department (former) Rev. Tah Martin.
The administrative complex will accommodate the services of the Executive President, Evangelism and Missions, Education, Finance and Development, Cooperating Missions, and Christian and Theological Education. The rest of the departments, (except the Health Services and the Women) will be relocated to the offices vacated by the services moved to the new edifice.

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