Evangelism & Missions

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Director: Rev., Dr. Paul Wose Mokake

We believe that one of the major reasons for the existence of the church is to contribute to the spread of the gospel and ensure that every member of the body of Christ is actively involved in the great commission in one way or the other. At the CBC whether it is in the provision of Health care services or education or any other social ministry for that matter, our intent is that the people we serve and work with may come to experience the saving grace of Jesus our Lord.

The Evangelism and Missions department of the CBC is the main body charged with this mission and to effectively carry out this task in plenty of our churches we have implemented universal programmes at Field and Individual church levels to this effect: the Training for Results (TFR) seminars and City Wide crusade programmes are skewed towards these objectives



The CBC has two major seminaries where most if not all of her pastors are trained. The Theological seminaries of Ndu and Kumba have over the years guaranteed that the CBC always has credible and reliable theologians rightfully dividing the word of truth. The Evangelism and Missions Department is also responsible (more in a supervisory capacity) for the crusade ministry

Below are some brief tips about the department.

  • 3 Missionary Areas
  • 26+ National missionaries
  • 13+ Evangelist
  • Crusade Ministries
  • Church planting
  • National Missionary Training