CBC Ministers commit the nation to God’s care at the 2017 fellowship in Great Soppo Buea

CBC Ministers reaffirm their commitment to protect the dignity of every Cameroonian by reiterating their call for justice and peace

The 2017 CBC National Ministers’ Fellowship conference has ended at Ebenezer Baptist Church Great Soppo, Buea.The three-day event was held from August 9 to August 11, 2017, under the theme, Treasuring the Lord’s Anointing, drawn from 2 Samuel 1:14-15.The conference speaker, Rev.Webngong Samuel, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church Etoudi Yaoundé, encouraged the ministers to bridge all ministerial gaps, to respect the ministerial office, and to sustain the ministerial legacy.
The Ministers’ conference took place amidst growing socio-political tensions in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. This context necessitated the allotment of a significant amount of time to pray for the nation in general and for the leaders of the nation in particular.
Understandingly, the Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, Rev. Dr Ncham Godwill, took the rostrum to lead in the prayer session. The fervency of the prayer was driven home by the choice of words that showed a church leader deeply overwhelmed by the enormity of the Anglophone crisis.
In a tone that deliberately avoided the equivocation usually imposed by political correctness, Dr. Ncham said ,”We stand in the presence of God, whose servants we are, to honor the words of the scripture in 1 Timothy 2:1-2,that calls us to pray for those in authority, so that they can lead in peace. As a church, we have come a long way through a period in which the depths of our convictions have been severely tested. We have been insulted. We have been dragged to court, yet we have sought to remain true to our calling and vocation, to love those who hate us, to pray for our enemies, and to do good at all times. We owe an obligation to the state and to God, to call people to order wherever and whenever we feel that they are misrepresenting the principles of justice and peace which they have been called to protect. And part of our responsibility is to pray for them, and we want to pray for them right now”.
The ministers also held a series of workshops to reflect on the sustainability and functionality of multi -staff ministries, Biblical Hospitality, and Ascending the Ladder of Theological Education. The workshops were facilitated respectively by Rev.Vegah Shadrach, Senior Pastor of Gospel Baptist Church Mankon, Rev.Dr.Nditemeh Charlemagne, Field Pastor of Yaoundé, and Rev.Dr.Wilfred Fon, Advisor, Bible Translation Program, CBTS Ndu.
The event ended with the Lord’s Supper. It was administered by the Executive President, Rev.Dr.Ncham Godwill. He was assisted by CBC Field Pastors. Dr Ncham appreciated the ministers for their collaboration, and christened the 2017 conference as the conference of maturity.
Present at the fellowship were the Heads of the Departments of the CBC.They brought greetings and ministry updates to share with the ministers. The newly commissioned Education Secretary, Mr. Nyanganji Job, presented the dire state of his department in the onslaught of the Anglophone crisis, and called on the ministers to pray for God’s intervention to salvage the situation. He lamented that the boycott of education had caused the workers of the Education Department to go for eight months without salaries.
The CBC Ministers’ Fellowship, like every other fellowship of Baptist pastors elsewhere, is a dynamic spiritual entity organized by the ministers and empowered by the Holy Spirit to sustain the doctrines, principles and practices set forth in God’s Word. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide support, edification and encouragement to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ in the pastoral or gospel ministries. The fellowship incorporates women and encourages their participation as co-workers in full time ministry.
The role of women in the fellowship is crucial, and their commitment is no doubt exemplary, but scripture teaches that a woman’s role is not identical to that of men; that explains why pastoral leadership is assigned to men only.
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