Cooperating Missions

The CBC Department of Cooperating Missions assists to coordinate and oversee expatriate missionary service under the Cameroon Baptist Convention. Foreign missionaries have been serving in Cameroon since the mid-1800s. The CBC was birthed as a national church organization in 1954 as a result of the early missionary work of the North American Baptist Conference. Since then, strong and mutually edifying ministry partnerships have continued between the CBC and foreign mission organizations.

There are currently five primary organizations sending missionaries to partner with the CBC: the North American Baptist Conference, Converge Worldwide, World Team, ReachGlobal and Samaritans Purse. More than fifty expatriate personnel serve alongside national personnel in ministries such as church planting, Bible translation, medical specialties, theological education, community development and support services. The majority of these missionaries serve in areas of training, mentoring and capacity building, at the invitation of national leadership.

The Department of Cooperating Missions also facilitates more than 250 volunteers each year who come to serve the CBC ministries with their specialized skills.

The Bible makes it clear that the Kingdom of God knows no gender, ethnic or racial distinction. The Body of Christ is one. God chooses to give different gifts to His people in order to build His Kingdom. Because the church of Christ as a global body, there will always be a place for missionaries from elsewhere to serve Kingdom building ministries in Cameroon. The role of foreign missionaries in the CBC today looks very different than it did 60 years ago. And so it shall continue to change and be different. Today and in the future, foreign personnel serve vital roles where God is still to raise up nationals to serve. Our goal and task is quite simple: to Engage, to Equip and to Encourage, further enabling the CBC to shine and follow her God given vision.

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