About Us

Our Vision, Our Mission and Core Values


We are a living fellowship of Churches growing in grace, strengthening one another in faith and reflecting the love of Christ in Cameroon and beyond.
The convention is broken into smaller administrative units called Fields and headed by Field pastors.

The Cameroon Baptist Convention is an autonomous church in Cameroon for over 60 years today. It groups over 1000 churches spread in all Regions of the Country. The convention is broken into smaller administrative units called Fields/Areas and headed by Field or Area Pastors.




Thus, it has the responsibility to provide leadership, training, material and assistance to the Churches, Pastors and Institutions, to carry out their administration and teaching tasks for the Convention in a biblically sound, systematic and sustained manner, in conformity with the objectives of the Convention.

The CE Unit also exists to develop, produce and distribute structured and graded curricular materials for outreach and Christian growth; coordinate church school workers, church leaders and others at all levels; supervise and ensure the production of Christian music for the Convention. It works closely with the seminaries towards the smooth functioning of Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program, Certificate of Pastoral Studies program and others.


  • United in the affirmation of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation and through whom God revealed himself as the only Lord and Saviour of all humankind;
  • Believing in the great distinctive principles on which Baptists have lived and died;
  • Recognizing the inspired authority of the Scriptures as final in all matters of faith, conduct and practice;
  • Convinced that the believer’s baptism by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, whereby a person’s body is lowered into the water completely and then taken out again, is an identification with the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Further Believing in the priesthood of every believer and recognizing the principle of soul liberty;
  • Determined to uphold the regeneration of Church membership;
  • Having accepted the congregational form of Church government whereby the local Church, using the Bible as the highest authority, exercises autonomy within the structural authority of the CBC to which she belongs;
  • Aware of the principle of freedom of worship whereby each local Church shall worship God freely in conformity with the Bible;
  • Cognizant of the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world as led by the Holy Spirit.


Core Values

  • Church cooperation and passionate involvement in the Great Commission.
  • Prayer and discipleship as a way of life leading to spiritual growth.
  • Sanctity of life and biblical marriage of one man to one woman;
  • Integrity, transparency, stewardship and accountability.
  • An enabling environment for creativity and innovation.
  • Love, unity, reconciliation and team work.
  • Vision and mission driven leadership.
  • Excellence in ministry.