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Director: Mrs. Fubam Caroline

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Women’s Department (CBCWD) has as vision “Living and Serving like Christ”. Its mission is therefore “to glorify God through the lives of women, youths and children by evangelizing, teaching for spiritual growth, and developing for holistic services”. The Department is inspired by Mathew 5: 16; “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven”. The ministry is involved in carrying out Evangelism and also sponsors Pastors to carry out ministry amongst the different ethnic groups, e.g Kousseri in the Far North, Menji in Lebialem, Batouri in the East Region etc.

This ministry also plans and coordinates the young girls group known as 3H. 3H stands for Head, heart and hands for Jesus. The main objective of these ministries is to lead these young girls to experience Jesus as Saviour and Lord and to help them develop good habits of Christian living and service in the society. Apart of Bible lessons, some of the lessons taught are: hygiene, etiquette, kitchen craft, embroidery, housekeeping, marriage, citizenship etc. the girls meet weekly in their local churches, organize camps and born fire conferences at all levels. They also carry out a yearly national leadership training Seminars. They are part of the Youth department but overseen by the women’s Department.


The Women’s Department from the grass roots Fields to the National offer services to the destitute and less privilege in the Society. They pay, visits to Prisons, Hospitals, handicap Centers etc. with food.
The Department also organizes the Pastor’s wives fellowship where meetings are held in Fields and at National conferences for spiritual enrichment, fellowship and social development
The Department Partners with Faith International Rescue Ministry (FIRM) to minister to the Young women. These are girls at college level, single and newly married in church and in the society. They are evangelized and taught to be more responsible in the church, home and in the society

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