Organizational Profile

Fact Sheet of the CBC as of December 2019


Result #

result #

Evangelism and Missions Department

4 Missionary Areas

26 National Missionaries

1,500+ Churches

230,000+ Christians

29 Fields

155 Associations

978 Churches

522 Church Plants

Theological and Christian Education Department

One Seminary in two campuses (Ndu & Kumba)

7500+ educative materials

5 Theological Education By Extension (TEE) Centers

Supervising 7+ Church-run Theological programs (TEE. T-NET, BTCP, Lead Like Jesus, Korban School of Ministry, Campus Crusade, Navigators, etc.).

Health Services Department

7 Hospitals

32 Integrated Health centers

54 Primary Health centers

1,000,000+ Patients seen annually

6,000+ Workers

Specialized Health Services/programs for Children, Youths, Women, Persons Living with Disabilities, HIV and Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Education Department

12 Secondary Schools

19 Primary Schools

6 Nursery Schools

1 Teacher Training College (BTTC Ndop)

700+ Workers

Youth and Students Department

1,500+ Youth and Campus Fellowships

Production of Youth Discipleship manuals

Youth Economic Empowerment Program (Training & Startup Loan)

Women's Department

1,500+ Women Fellowships

Production of Women's Discipleship manuals

Socioeconomic Empowerment of Women through skill trainings

1 Vocational Training Center

Men's Department

1,500+ Men's Fellowships

Production of Men's Discipleship manuals

Socioeconomic Empowerment of Men through trainings

Cooperating Missions

Supporting 62 Expatriate Missionaries in Cameroon

Mobilizing human, material and financial resources for missions

Finance and Development

31 Bursaries

117+ Field Finance Workers

Landed Property Service

A sub-Department for Development

A fund for the development of the Church (CBC Development Fund)

Savings and Loan Scheme (SPS)

Communication, Publications and Archives

2 Radio Stations (Bamenda and Buea)

An archived unit (CBC Heritage Center)

One Newspaper (Baptist Voice)

A video unit

Minister's Fellowship and Ministerial Counsel

382 Ordained Pastors

An archived unit (CBC Heritage Center)

707 Unordained Pastor

203 Lay Preachers