BABICAST HOSTS CBC ED Senior Administrators’ meeting

BABICAST HOSTS CBC ED Senior Administrators’ meeting


 Senior Administrators of the CBC Education Department and some of their immediate collaborators, together with authorities of the CBC successfully rounded-off a two days Administrative meeting that took place on the 13th -14th August 2021 at the newly acquired CBC School Complex in Bafoussam. The aim of this meeting was to evaluate the 2020/2021 Academic year and also lay down the necessary ground work for an effective take-off of the 2021/2022 school year under the auspices of the Education Secretary, Mr. Nyanganji Job Indi.

The Education Secretary in a presentation during this meeting, made the following declarations concerning the just ended school year: ‘‘The 2020/2021 Academic year ended hitch- free with great performances from the Basic Education sector both in the Government Common Entrance and First School Living Certificate Examinations, with most of the schools scoring a 100%. We are optimistic that the secondary section isn’t going to be an exception because it is our trademark, our brand and nothing will disrupt that this academic year. Therefore, congratulations to the administrators and the staff of the various institutions. Thanks to your collaboration, corporation, spirit of tolerance and understanding’’, the Education Secretary ended. He therefore called on the administrators to brace up for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022. This year’s administrative meeting of the CBCED was graced with the presence of the CBC Executive president the Rev Dr. Nditemeh Charlemagne, the CBC Chairman Mr.Yosimbom Mkong John and the National Secretary of the Protestant Private Education Agency in Cameroon, Rev Dr. Serim Patrick Bapmu

According to the statistics that were presented by the CBC ES in this meeting, there are 62 CBC Nursery schools functioning as church/field run schools in the country with a total of 3859 kids, 88 CBC primary schools with a total of 17277 pupils. Under the CBC ED, there are 13 CBC Nursery schools with 1194 kids, 14 CBC primary schools with 5760 pupils. He further revealed that at the secondary level for church/field run schools there are 7 secondary schools with a total enrolement of 1,040 students and 6 secondary schools including the Baptist Teacher Training College Ndop under the CBCED, having a grand total of 3667 students.

Speaking during this meeting was the CBC Executive President, the Rev Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne who praised the CBCED administrators for their assiduity and further encouraged them to double their efforts in carrying out their duties in the noble profession. Pleased with the strides made so far by the CBCED, the EP said: ‘‘For the CBCED to have extended their services to the West region of the country despite the challenges of our times,  they are just moving in line with what I described in my mantra on holistic development and I’m so happy and wish that they should keep on keeping on with that  same spirit of development’’. It should be noted that he was talking in relation to the newly acquired CBC School Complex in Bafoussam and other strides made in the Department so far.

Also present was the National Secretary of the Protestant Private Education Agency in Cameroon, the Rev Dr. Serim Patrick who began by appreciating the CBC EB for acquiring the school at Bafoussam and thanking them for their enormous contributions in the Protestant Private Education Agency in Cameroon in collaboration with the Government of the country. To this, he said: ‘’ If all the other secretariats of the Protestant Private Education Agency in Cameroon were to function in this manner, the Government will have a force to reckon with. With all the deliberations made, if that is strictly followed, then, it is obvious that the future is so bright for the CBCED and equally for the PPEA in Cameroon ’’. According to the National Secretary of the PPEA, if the CBCED administrators implement what was presented as the necessary ground work for the effective kick- start of the 2021/2022 academic year, the academic year will be hitch -free and the performances in these institutions will be outstanding. He ended by saying that it is regrettable that some major schools in the rural areas belonging to the CBC have been closed down due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis and that even so, the CBC ED is still contributing mightily in the educational landscape of the country.

 The acting principal of Baptist Bilingual College of Arts, Science and Technology ( BABICAST) Bafoussam Mr. Chombeng Rene Gerald expressed his gratitude as the host of this year’s CBC ED Senior Administrative meeting and being his first time, he said he was humbled by this wonderful opportunity given to him and his collaborators. He said that the experience was mind blowing especially listening keenly to all the deliberations that were made. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Chombeng Rene Gerald was the principal at the time the school was still called Complex TAMA COPOBIT Bafoussam. This explains why he could confidently reveal to the CBCED Senior Administrators that it has always been the wish of the former proprietor to give out the school to an organization like the CBC and he being part of this history -making event today will only boast his morals to join the moving train (CBCED)

Of utmost importance about this year’s senior administrators meeting were the appointments and transfers of some 18 administrators of the CBC ED following the decisions of the general council that was held in June 2021. Mr. Ngolah Francis was one among the newly appointed Senior Administrators with a dual function, which is; as an Administrator of BABICAST and also the Education Secretary’s Representative for the West Region. He appreciated the leadership of the CBC for giving him the singular opportunity to lead a great complex like BABICAST. He said that he has always believed in the word of God which says in Proverbs 3:5-6 ‘‘ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight’’. To this effect he said, that is what he will depend on. ‘‘I have been in administration for quite some time now and the same administrative tactics that I have been using to succeed, I will continue to use them and cause people to know that administration is influence and that;  it is not the office that makes the leader but the leader that makes the office’’; the administrator Concluded.

Of great interest was the presentation and discussion of  the CBC ED Strategic Plan ‘Vision 2025 ’by the Pedagogic Adviser for Secondary Education; Dr. Atanga Naphthatlin who stated that: ‘‘Team work is paramount for the success of our schools and that success as a team is better than success as individuals’’. The PASE called on the CBC ED administrators to be vigorous in the implementation of the recommendations that were made during the meeting for better results. The unique occasion carried a powerful message from Isaiah 43:16-19 under the caption ‘‘ perceiving new things’’.  The preacher, Rev Keng Samuel, the CBCED Chaplaincy Coordinator stated that, as we look backward to appreciate what God has done for us, we should also look forward to see the new things God is doing. He called on the administrators to see how far God has taken them and reminded them to call on each other in times of difficulties and above all, they should rely on God and open their eyes to see the new things God is doing for them. Rev Keng Samuel ended his devotional with the Mission Statement of the CBCED which has been formulated into a Mission Statement song for the Department.

From observation, this years’ Senior Administrative meeting of the CBC ED was an extraordinary and most innovative one as all the participants were satisfied with the reports presented, the Strategic Plan for vision 2025, successful development projects in the Department and most importantly, they were all optimistic with the ground- work laid. From every indication, 2021/2022 academic year will be a great one and of course these participants could not help but admire the gigantic structures that were staring at their faces in Bafoussam; and their reactions to this could only be penned down through these adjectives; Confidently and majestically they made their way into the complex, with pride, enthusiasm, excitement and optimism, filled with senses of ownership as their eyes could not stop looking at the gigantic structures staring at their faces. These Administrators kept nodding their heads in amazements like lizards, surely, they were proud of the strides made so far by the CBC ED, remarkably, their hearts were clapping for the leadership in place and to this great achievement  in the department, a host of them summarized these feelings as; ‘‘ We are proud of our contributions in the educational landscape of Cameroon.