BHS  AWAE-Yaoundé in the Spotlight

BHS AWAE-Yaoundé in the Spotlight

By Blessing Weyih Ringnyuy

The CBC Education Department is embellished with institutions that offer sound Christian quality education in safe and friendly spaces to enable pupils and students study. Keeping you abreast with what we do and what we offer is our priority, because our schools are your schools. To give you a view of Baptist High School AWAE- Yaoundé-Cameroon. With over 896 students, well qualified staff , moulding the minds of young Cameroonians, producing outstanding results. Their performances in recent years in public examinations have been at above 90%. In the 2019/2020 GCE session, they scored 99.12% at the GCE O Level  and 99% at the GCE A Level Examinations.  In terms of infrastructures, the institution have well furnished infrastructures, modern libraries, well equipped laboratories both in sciences, home economics and computer sciences. Complete academic complex, clean and well organized dormitories for both boys and girls. Take a closer look at BHS AWAE- Yaoundé. Visit our website regularly for more information.