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Bonaberi Association Christians called to Reflect Christ

By Becky Evenye Kechen

Christians of Bonaberi Association Council of Chirches in Douala Field of the CBC have been challenged to reflect Christ in whatever and where ever they find themselves. This was during their 2022 Bible Conference which ran from the 6th- 8th May, at Zion Baptist Church Bonaberi.
The speaker of the Conference, Rev. Wandia Roger, senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church Mbipelle expanded on the theme “Making a difference in a broken generation” from Genesis 6:8-12. He called on his audience to stand out and represent Christ just like the Biblical Noah who was righteous and by so doing, God favoured him and his generation. Christians of today should not comprise their faith and should not live a double standard life.
The program also witnessed some choirs display beautiful songs in the theme. The 3H girls and BB displayed as many cheered to the glory of God.
Crowning the program on Sunday, the Christians showed love to their Association Pastor, Rev. Chiatoh Rene. Offerings was raised to support God’s servant and his family.
Speaking to the Press, Rev. Chiatoh Rene, the Association Pastor said this year’s Bible Conference has been a success because the people have been fed spiritually and the turn out was massive unlike last year where they organized a decentralized conference in three different venues due to the Civic 19 pandemic. It was a wonderful time, as some participants testified of been blessed by the messages and lessons.