The CBC Education Secretary Mr. Nyanganji Job Indi has said all the newly recruited teaching staff of our institutions will be empowered in such a way that academic excellence will be reality and not a dream. He was speaking in Bafoussam while declaring open a two-day pre-seminar that took place Monday 30th to 31st August 2021 at Baptist Bilingual College of Arts, Science and Technology (BABICAST). The seminar brought together over 80 newly recruited teaching staff drawn from all the institutions of the CBC ED.

According to the CBC Education, organizing pre-seminar has been a practice that the CBC ED has maintained over the years in collaboration with the Pedagogic In-service Training Program of the CBC/PCC. He said ‘‘ when -ever we recruit teachers especially those who were with the lay private institutions, and are now have joined the Protestant Education Agency and specifically the CBC, we always want to bring them together and give them orientation as to what will be expected of them in the schools’’. These teachers were within these two days fortified by four educationist in the persons of the CBC ED Pedagogic Adviser; Dr. Atanga Naphthatlin, the Pedagogic In-Service Training Program Station Adviser for Buea, Dr. Nkongho Lucy, the Pedagogic In-Service Training Program Station Adviser for Bamenda, Mr. Wepngong Emmanuel and the Pedagogic Adviser for Basic Education in the CBC ED Mr. Ebot Daniel. These facilitators schooled the newly recruited on how to improve on their learning and teaching process. It should be noted that this pre- was organized just a week to the beginning of the new school year 2021/2022.

The participants were cautioned to understand that the teaching profession is evolving and becoming more demanding on a daily basis. They were also reminded to know that they also have children who are coming from the war- torn zones and need total psychosocial support. In this light, they were called upon to handle their situations with all understanding and tolerance.

Mr Lufong Elvis Wendo is a history teacher, newly recruited at BABICAST and a beneficiary of the pre-seminar who said ‘‘the Baptist have a resource personality that is different from other personnel in the country. They are talented, educated, skilled and I’m proud to belong to such a system and participating in this seminar has given me a different mindset about the teaching which is, intense and Competence Based Approach and I promise to deliver quality education to young Cameroonians in BABICAST’’. He further explained that all of them have acquired a lot of skills that will improve on their teaching methods.