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CBC Takes a Giant Stride to Invest in Education in the West Region


The Cameroon Baptist Convention has acquired a new Secondary and Primary School, in Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon christened Baptist Bilingual College of Arts, Science and Technology (BABICAST) and Baptist Bilingual Nursery and Primary School (BABINAPS) Bafoussam respectively.

The School that was formerly called COMPLEX POLYTECHNIQUE BILINGUE PRIVE` LAIC TAMA (COPOBIT) DE BAFOUSSAM since 2007 was owned and run as a lay- private school by an individual. The school had the following components; a bilingual school running from form one to Upper Sixth for the Anglophone section and for the Francophone section running from Sesiem to Tamernelle. It had the General Education section, Technical Education including the commercial section which runs from form one commercial to Upper Sixth, offering courses such as Accounting, Marketing and Secretariat Administration and Technical Industrial from form one Industrial to Upper Sixth.

This complex is endowed with modern and efficient didactic equipment which includes; workshops and specialized pools for electronics, electricity, civil engineering, motor mechanics and wood works. It also has an ultra-modern science laboratory for physics, chemistry and biology as well as a workshop for technical drawing. The school has two computer training pools with a computer per student and a multimedia center with fast internet connection and equally extra assistance for kids with special needs. The school was also an accommodation Centre for;  Probatoire and Baccalaureate technique exams in the written, practical, marking and deliberation phases. GCE Ordinary and Advance Level General/ Technical exams in the written and practical phases. This school was moving along side with the Nursery and the Primary sections giving it the name COMPLEX TAMA. So it was until 15th July 2021, when the news about the acquisition of the school by the CBC shocked the world.  Given that the ongoing Anglophone crisis has crippled the Education industries in the English speaking regions of Cameroon and many schools belonging to the CBC are not functioning.

The acquisition of a complex of that magnitude was an amazing step by the CBCED, others described it as ‘‘capital flight’’ given that such a complex doesn’t exist neither in the Northwest nor the Southwest regions of the country and by extension Cameroon. And to this, it was seen as a mix blessing because the Education Industries in these troubled regions are bleeding and the future is blurring. However, in all of these genuine concerns expressed by Cameroonians of good fate, the CBC Education Secretary Mr. Nyanganji Job Indi thinks that this is a piece of cake for the department because the department had remained resilient in the face of the crisis. He said that it is high time the CBC extended her educational investments to all the regions of Cameroon to ensure a holistic development in the country. After due consultations, concertation and taking into consideration the various disciplines that the new post-primary school in Bafoussam would be offering, the near to a university, the pride of the CBC ED, an adventure where many describe as a perfect example of Education for Sustainable Development, the newest schools were given the names: BAPTIST BILINGUAL COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (BABICAST), BAFOUSSAM/BAPTIST BILINGUAL NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL (BABINAPS) BANENGO-BAFOUSSAM.