CBCHS Leaders concert at 2020 COC Meeting

Once a year, leaders of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services converge at what has become known as the Chiefs of Center Meeting (CoC) to appraise progress, pitfalls and chart the way forward, all geared towards keeping the institution afloat. The very productive rendez-vous in 2020 ran for two days from October 22 – 24 at the CBC Health Services’ Resource Centre at Mvan, Yaounde.

During this come together, many issues were discussed including clinical, administrative, financial, human resource management, inclusive health issues which culminated in taking critical decisions for the interest of the organization; the clients it serves, and the staff to ensure that the Mission and the Vision of the institution is upheld at all times.

The meeting also touched base on other events amongst which are plans to dedicate the Meskine Hospital in Maroua, the newest hospital of the CBC Health Services in early 2021; a view into Goals and Budgets for 2021, and directives to heads of institution to aptly prepare them for the Goals and Budgets session in November, 2020.

Addressing the leaders during the meeting, the Director of the CBC Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih made a comprehensive list of the major changes witnessed by the institution during a difficult 4-year period fraught by the Anglophone war, the Boko Haram attacks and the COVID19 pandemic. These crises, which came after decades of economic recession have inflicted major pains and sufferings on the clients, and the general population. While many others have lost property, family members, and sometimes breadwinners, the healthcare sector has not been spared. He charged the leaders and all staff to think system, act system, live system, and defend the values of the institution in order to salvage this situation.

As an institution, the CBC Health Services has witnessed the inability of patients to pay their bills, staff have more pressures on their limited resources, jobs are in danger if incomes continue to drop, crime wave is on the rise, possibility of a sharp rise in the incidence of NCDs as a result of depression, stress, trauma, the  likelihood of a re-emergence of some diseases including childhood illnesses such as Chicken Pox, severe Diarrhea, severe Malnutrition, Measles, Mumps, TB, Pneumonia, severe Malaria, Polio, etc, probable rise in killer diseases such as HIV-AIDS, Malaria, Lower Respiratory tract infection, Diarrhea, and Stroke, and an imminent rise in maternal and infant mortality rates.

In an effort to brighten such a bleak future, the head of the institution who among many leadership skills is a Transformational, Visionary and Charismatic Leader, called on the leaders to adopt the transformational leadership style and work collaboratively with staff to transform the CBCHS’s values, beliefs and behavior to suit and promote the mission and vision of the Organization, a call that all leaders have pledged to uphold. The putting in place of a strategic and an emergency plan; the strengthening of the Ownership Pull System (OPS); sustenance of core services; upholding team work, unity, and peace; and accountability are measures earmarked for the success of the institution during these turbulent times.

Praying for God’s guidance and continuous provision, Chaplains Tanni Moses Ngong and Bochat Cobnel gave messages from Acts 4: 32-37 and Jeremiah 2: 17-20, titled, “Serving Through Encouragement” and “Accomplishing Divine Purpose” respectively. Through these, leaders were charged to be children of encouragement as it was in the early church, work towards accomplishing God’s divine purpose for the organization, and unite in prayer to combat any crises that affect healthcare delivery.

Leaders left the meeting with important information to share with other staff members in their respective facilities, bearing in mind that God will help to plan the future of the organization.