Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs Mezam, CBCHS – CECPES lay Foundation to Partnership

Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs Mezam, CBCHS – CECPES lay Foundation to Partnership

By Njoka Divine Ngwang

A meeting with the site supervisors from the Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs Mezam and the CBC Health Services’ Community Counselling Clinic (CCC)/ Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education and Social Services (CECPES) been held at the Baptist Centre Nkwen, Bamenda recently .

According to the Director of CECPES Rev. Mbuh Julius, the meeting was intended to deepen and strengthen relationship between the CBC Health Services CCC/CECPES and the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) that can lead to a partnership and Memorandum of U understanding (MoU) in the days ahead. The discussion of the day focused on creating awareness about CCC and MINAS services ; how to build good referral pa rt ways with CBCHS/CCC CECPES and MINAS, how to train future social workers to meet government standard .

This arrangement would include MINAS in the training of social workers in CECPES so that at the end of the training, their certificates will be signed by the Minister o f Social Affairs and the CBC Health Services, all in a bid to ensure the creation of more opportunities for graduates in the job market. Participants also brainstormed on duration of Course, course contents, and the length of time for practicum experience. The CCC/CECPES are two of the CBCHS programs that train Social workers, chaplains, and carry out counselling of staff and members from the community.

While CECPES takes care of capacity building as an educational program, CCC builds lives that are shattered by some realities, giving those lives hope a gain. Since creation , CCC/CECPES has trained over 1000 Cameroonians including social workers who are being used by both the CBC and national/international nongovernmental organizations.

The Director of CBC Health Services, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih commended the cooperation that has been existing between the CBC Health Services and Ministry of Social Affairs while emphasizing that this long-lasting relationship should be harnessed especially within the context of the war in the Anglophone regions which has given rise to increasing need for psycho social counsellors and social workers to meet dire needs. Pointing out that mental health issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse, etc. stemming from the crisis have become so realistic that the need for well-trained specialists to help these victims and survivors has become an emergency.

The Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, Mme. Nkwato Rebecca in a response, said , she is really happy with the collaboration between MINAS and CBCHS adding that the CBC Health Services is the highest shoulder on which MINAS leans on not only in the North West Region but in the whole country. She pledged that the continuous collaboration of this government department with the CBC Health Services is in view of having future MoUs. ​