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Faith Baptist Church Douala Ordains Pastor

By Anne Nditemeh

The Reverend Nehemiah Muteka has been ordained as Pastor of Faith Baptist Church Douala. He was ordained on the 1st of May at Trinity Baptist Church Douala by the CBC Executive President Rev. Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne. The Executive President charged the newly ordained minister to focus on preaching the word adding that as a CBC ordained minister,he has to be relevant to the Church of Jesus. Rev. Muteka was equally charged to respect all the CBC rules and regulations and stick to what binds him as a Reverend.

Preaching during the event, the Reverend Chamberlain Ezekiel of Trinity Baptist Church Douala drew inspiration from 2nd Timothy 4:1-6. He called on the newly ordained Rev. Muteka to be relevant as a Pastor in this 21st Century. The Christians showered him with gifts of love and kind.