First Batch of PT Students charged to be exemplary

First Batch of PT Students charged to be exemplary

By Clementina Njang Yong

The Baptist Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) in Mbingo has conducted a Matriculation Ceremony for its first batch of students undertaking the Physiotherapy (PT) program in its School of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences. This memorable event took place at the school premises on March 7, 2022. The 11 students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s Certificate Course at the Institute are doing a 4- year Program in PT, which started in 2021.

Addressing the students during this event, the Dean of Studies at the BIHS, Professor Denis Palmer commended the efforts of all the students; their hard work and devotedness. He also used this occasion to encourage them to continue to strive and fulfill the gospel commission through service to others, especially those who are sick. By doing this, he stipulated, they shall be upholding the virtues of Christ and also be of credit to this Christian institution, BIHS. The students were thereby charged to be ambassadors for the school.

The Assistant Director of the Course, Mr. Fanfon Timothy reminded students of the core values set aside by the CBC Health Services for them to uphold. As a physiotherapist himself, Mr. Fanfon buttressed the goal of the training, being to produce physiotherapists who are competent to fulfill professional responsibilities in patient care in various settings for different populations. These populations include children, adolescents, and adults. They, Mr. Fanfon added, are expected to be competent in the areas of health promotion, injury and illness prevention, patient education, health preservation, diagnosis, intervention or treatment, patient follow-up, and rehabilitation.

In his exhortation, the Program Director, Mr. Oliver Haumann, a Professional Physical Therapist who has served in Cameroon for 16 years, prepared the student’s minds to know some of the challenging terrains where they will be called upon to serve. In their studies, Mr. Haumann reechoed, they need to impart the values and virtues of physiotherapy which go beyond head knowledge. He used Philippians 4 to illustrate his encouragement to the students on this journey: “Finally brothers, whatever is true whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things”. He asked the students to seek and speak the truth always, honor God, have pure behavior, be lovely, be commendable, and strive to attain service excellence.

The students in their Matriculation Commitment pledged academic honesty, avoidance of academic malpractices, and to abide by the policies governing academic programs. They also committed to uphold Christian integrity in all their activities. To most of the students, their expectations are met, thanks to the cream of Faculty selected to train them in this Course.

“Everything is going on so smoothly and my expectations are already at about 50% after only four months. The teachers, are giving us the knowledge, skills, and evidence-based learning that we deserve. The teaching and learning process is professionally structured. With the Moodle study platform, learning has been greatly facilitated as we can study anywhere we find ourselves”. Ngeh Gauis – PT student.

“Before enrolling in this course, I was working as a physiotherapy assistant. I however felt incomplete because I could not attend to some cases. My enrolment in this Course is fulfilling. The school is very advanced and the system of study is uncommon. I have learned a lot from the Dean and all the teachers. It has given me passion and I love what I am doing. My goal and what brings me joy is when I see a patient come in a wheelchair and after I work with the patient he/she and stands up and walks again. The matriculation makes me feel fulfilled that I have taken another step”. Glory Nfor – PT student.

It should be noted that the Course aims to improve the quality of Physiotherapists in Cameroon as well as add up to the limited number of professionals in this cadre.

The ongoing Course in Physiotherapy, is thanks to support from the Liliane Foundation, which intends to ensure that all children, adolescents, and adults in need of rehabilitation services in Cameroon receive the best and available care.