How CBC Churches are adjusting to COVID-19

How CBC Churches are adjusting to COVID-19

Jordan Baptist Church Small Soppo

In Jordan Baptist Church Small Soppo Buea, Rev. Dr Itue Motomby is the Pastor. His account: “Since the Covid-19 started, we have been holding 2 services. The first service begins at 9:30am-10:30am and the second service runs from 10:30am-11:30am. During this period, it was discovered that the first service was always more than the second service in terms of attendance. What we did was to maintain a maximum of 50 persons per service. Sometimes the attendance is timid due to the fact that most people hide under the pandemic and stay at home. Weekly activities have been timid but we decided to move on with organ meetings. Bible Study has been transformed into a School of Theology which has been regular with about 31-41 persons in attendance every Tuesday.

The only activity which has been suspended is our prayer service which exceeded 7pm. We are hoping to begin soon. We have a bucket of water and soap outside the Church building where Christians wash their hands before getting into the Church. We respect social distancing with 3 persons per pew. As the Pastor, I lay emphasis on the wearing of face masks from the pulpit since some people are reluctant to do so and I asked parents to buy face masks for their children. It is for individual protection and protection of each other”’.

Baptist Church Ndongo Buea

In praise Baptist Church Ndongo Buea, Rev. Tata Stephen is Pastor. He says: “From the start of COVID- 19, we introduced 10 worship centers in the home of some Christians and I as the Pastor wrote lessons which I shared with members of the teaching department of the Church. In each of the Sundays, the leaders get to those centers, with Christians respecting the hygienic rules put in place by the government and WHO to stay safe from the virus. They have services with the people and only bring reports to the Church authorities. We later on move back to the Church, divide our services in three: first, second and third services. We make available all the requirements for public gatherings”.

Mispah Baptist Church New Town in Limbe

At Mispah Baptist Church New Town in Limbe, Rev. Dr. Teke John is Senior Pastor “In the face of the Covid- 19, as a Church, we have not remained indifferent. We have taken a couple of measures to stay safe. These measures include: washing of hands since we have made available buckets and soap, we encourage Christians to wash their hands before entering the
Church edifice. We also ask Christians to wear their face masks as they come for services and those who feel sick, we encourage them to stay at home. We practice social distancing; our meetings are less than 50 persons in attendance as we meet in smaller groups although challenging due to the population we have.

We have suspended most of our activities, especially
those which bring together the whole congregation like Christian Meeting. As a Church, we have been praying that the situation normalizes; we know prayer remains the ultimate solution to this Covid- 19 pandemic. We pray in smaller groups and individual homes. We also encourage our Christians to avoid going to places that are crowded and to ensure they practice social distancing during this period”.

Discipleship Baptist Church Mengue City in Douala

At Discipleship Baptist Church Mengue City in Douala, the Pastor is Rev. Nyassoke Aldolphe Aimè. “We have two services; the first service runs from 8:30-10:00AM and the second service 10:30AM-12:00 PM every Sunday. We have averagely 40-48 persons in attendance every Sunday in the different Services. In front of the church, there is a bucket with tap and liquid soap for everyone to wash their hands under the strict supervision of an Usher before they can enter the Church hall. Every member entering the hall is directed by an Usher, who shows you the sitting position to respect
1.5 meters between people.

There are times people don’t want to follow the instructions and the Pastor from the pulpit sees it and addresses the situation. At the pulpit, we have a hand sanitizer to use after every 30-60 minutes. We don’t share microphones again as we used to do before. During Lord’s Supper the Pastor and all the Deacons minister with face masks. Before each Christian picked his bread but now none is allowed to do so. The Deacon picks the bread and serves. These are all in a bid to curb the spread of Corona virus”.

Revival Baptist Church Binju Nkambe

At Revival Baptist Church Binju Nkambe Rev. BONGBAM Valentine SOMCHE is the Pastor “It’s a wonderful privilege for me to inform you about our situation here concerning the outbreak of COVID-19 In fact, it remains a challenge here, since the Prime Ministerial decree was made public. We resolved to break Christians into groups of 50 members per service.Each service lasting for one hour. Besides, as a church we have made sure to provide hand washing buckets, soap, and hand sanitizers by the door where
each member washes their hands and sanitizes before entering the church under the strict supervision of our ushers. It has been inconveniencing to some of the Christians as they try to attend a service, but being asked to wait for the next service even when they are just 4-6minutes late because a group of 50 is completed. The children’s service has also been broken into good news clubs, while other meetings that had to do with more than 50 members have been suspended.

Bethlehem Baptist Church GRA Bamenda

At Bethlehem Baptist Church GRA Bamenda, the Pastor Kanjoh Julius says: “Thanks for the privilege. We run two services as a result of COVID-19, seating three persons on a three metres bench. Each service gives us an attendance of 47 to 60 persons. But a good number of times, it is below 50 per service. We have suspended the children joint worship with adults on
Sundays since they don’t have a building of their own. This helps to cut down attendance on Sundays, while they have a one hour service on Saturday mornings with their face masks on. There is a bucket of water at the door with soap for the washing of hands, and adults too come with their face masks on. We have powerful detergents to mop and we recognize visitors without them touching the microphones in the course of
introducing themselves.

We have moved Bible studies from church and Quarters to families and individual homes. Lessons are sent on WhatsApp. We are also on Facebook and YouTube, though not live. Ushers no longer hold offering baskets. They are just placed on their own and people drop their offerings inside. We have suspended the choirs and other meetings that gather more than 50 persons. The wing meetings continue to hold in church respecting social distancing, since none of the meetings go above
25 persons”.

Rhema Baptist Church Djoum,Yaounde Field

Rhema Baptist Church Djoum ,Yaounde Field the Pastor
is Bertrand Ngong F. “The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon and the world introduced a paradigm shift in worship services and Rhema Baptist Church Djoum was no exception. With the fear of the common enemy COVID-19, there was need for us to re-strategize on how to carry
out services effectively, given that not more than fifty persons had to be in a gathering. Rhema Baptist Church, Djoum resorted initially to carrying out quarter services in the homes of some selected and trained leaders in the
church. All the five quarter Bible study groups studied from a common book in the Bible after a moment of debriefing with me on the theme and or big idea of the text.

These home services followed all the rubrics of a
normal church service from call to worship to benediction whenever they took place. As we progressed with understanding and managing the prevailing situation ravaging the world, Services held in Church like Bible studies, prayer meetings etc. We kept encouraging Christians to obey the basic rules set by government to curb the pandemic, and thus far, we are
coping, though with a significant drop in church membership, offerings and tithes.