Ministry of Tourism and Leisure makes Appraisal Visit to CBC Health Services

Ministry of Tourism and Leisure makes Appraisal Visit to CBC Health Services

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The National Director in charge of Training in Tourism Hospitality and Leisure, accompanied by the Northwest Regional Delegate for Tourism and Hospitality made a technical evaluation visit to the Baptist Vocational Training School of the CBC Health Services on August 6, 2020, at the Nkwen Baptist Center in Bamenda.

According to the National Director, Mr. Nji Joseph Adu, the visit was to assess the training facilities put in place by the CBC Health Services to effectively run the newly created Hotel Management and Catering Services Program of the Baptist Vocational Training School (BVTS).

After a tour to these facilities, Mr. Nji was very impressed with the infrastructure in place. He revealed thus, “I was curious when I received a file in Yaounde from the CBC Health Services requesting to run a program in Hotel Management and Catering Services. I was excited because of their reputation for the quality health care they offer to the people of Cameroon. So I said let me come and see”.

“I found that the infrastructure is amazing. The workshops and practical centers like the Rest houses, the Kitchen in the canteen are well equipped, and even beyond my expectation. To confess, I haven’t seen an equipped kitchen in this country like what we have here except in Yaounde,” the National Director in charge of Training in Tourism Hospitality and Leisure noted.

There are very few professional Hotel Management and Catering Service schools in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The Director revealed that his Ministry desires to see the school become a reference school for Hotel Management and Catering Services. “We also envisage the school to be an examination center, and offer Higher National Diplomas and even Degree programs in the years ahead”, he added.

The Administrator of the CBC Health Services Technical Services Department (TSD), Mr. Nyuongho Kenneth told the Delegation that BVTS has been running for over 16 years and has trained many professional technicians who are now trainers in other big companies in the domain of Motor Mechanics, Building Construction, Welding and many other vocational training fields.

The TSD Administrator appraised the delegation for such a visit even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This has been a long-awaited visit from the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure. We had sent our files to the Ministry about the program, and have been longing for this day of assessment and approval, he said”.

As of now, Mr. Nyuongho revealed, “We have about 25 students in the Catering and Hotel Management program with qualified teaching staff. Presently, the students have gone for practicum in one of our Centers in Muntengene, Southwest Region of Cameroon”. He further said, “Our vision is to diversify the training to meet the aspirations of national and international standards not just within CBC but even beyond the borders of the country”.

“We count this visit a success. National Director has expressed his satisfaction and assured us that we will have positive feedback from Yaounde in some weeks ahead. We assure him we shall put into effect his recommendations such as constructing more classrooms and buying more standard equipment to ensure a smooth and standard running of the school,” the TSD Administrator affirmed.


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