Nkwen Baptist Health Centre Dedicates Ear, Nose, Throat Theatre

Nkwen Baptist Health Centre Dedicates Ear, Nose, Throat Theatre

By Akem Olives Nkwain

Patients in need of surgery for Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) problems can now have it in Nkwen Baptist Hospital (NBH), thanks to an ultramodern ENT theatre, which flung its doors open to the general public on May 22, 2021.

Dr. Bonko Neville Menjo, ENT Surgeon says the theatre has been equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out 90-95 percent of ENT surgeries. “We are beginning surgeries right away. With the equipment we have, I can say this is a functional unit we have here,” he asserted.

Leading the dedication of the theatre equipment, Rev. Mbuh Julius, Head Chaplain drew inspiration from Psalms 103 during which he prayed that God should use the equipment and the staff to reach out with care to many that seek services in the unit. The chaplain also prayed that the new theater should to a larger extent attain the mission of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services.

Rev. Apongnde Richard, Bamenda Field Pastor, on his part, implored God to endow the staff with the knowledge they need to operate the equipment. “For the name [the CBC Health Services] we have made and is to make, it is thanks to people who have dedicated their lives to serve others. For this, we pray that may God, our Father empowers every staff that will work in this unit,” he beseeched. 

Dr. Nana Christopher, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), said the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment for the theatre is in line with the infrastructure NBHC now has. “When patients see ultramodern structures they expect nothing less than standard equipment, that is why we have procured this equipment,” he stated.

It should be stated that before the dedication proper, Mr. Mbah John, Nurse Anesthetist and Dr. Bonko Neville Menjo, ENT Surgeon painstakingly presented the new equipment to all at the dedication.