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Nkwen Baptist Hospital acquires Industrial Laundry Machine

Akem Olives Nkwain

Nkwen Baptist Hospital (NBH) has dedicated and put to use a newly acquired Industrial Washing Machine at the facility’s laundry department. The equipment worth 5.5milloin FCFA was acquired with funds from accumulated Quality Improvement Bonuses from the Performance-Based Financing (PBF) Scheme.

According Atangche Mirable Manka, PBF Medical Supervisor for Bamenda III, the equipment is there to ensure that linen, vital paraphernalia in healthcare should be laundered properly. “With clean linen, hospital-acquired infections and the spread of diseases will be limited, thereby bringing about quality care delivery to patients. Therefore, I urge you to use this equipment judiciously. Refer to the manual often to avoid any breakdown,” advised Mrs. Atangche.

Speaking in his right as the District Medical Officer for Bamenda III, Mr. Nkemfie Tani Elvis said the acquisition of the Industrial Washing Machine is proof of PBF’s resolve to improve healthcare on all fronts and support health facilities towards maintaining and delivering quality healthcare to clients. “This machine was acquired thanks to quality services you have been rendering, so this is just to support to keep forging ahead,” he said.

On hand to receive the installed equipment, Mr. Kangang Joce, Administrator, on the behalf of the hospital commended the PBF team and office for being of great support to Nkwen Baptist Hospital. “Your constant coaching and support are of great assistance to us, thank you. Do not get tired of supporting us,” he requested.

Given that Nkwen Baptist Hospital’s daily need for linen keeps growing every day, the need for an industrial washer like the one newly installed is a need met in time!