You are currently viewing PAACS, CIMS Residency Programs: Sources of Hope, Stability of CBC Health Services” – Prof. Tih

PAACS, CIMS Residency Programs: Sources of Hope, Stability of CBC Health Services” – Prof. Tih

By Amedia Anyang

The CBC Health Services, a leading partner to the government through its provision of quality services to all, graduated three internal medicine specialists from the Christian Internal Medicine Specialization (CIMS) program and one surgeon from the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) program. This took place on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital Chapel under the watchful and satisfying gaze of government authorities and international specialists.

The event also witnessed the recognition and award of certificates to the Missionary couple, Dr. James Brown, outgoing Director of the PAACS Program, and wife, Mrs. Carolyn Brown, initiator of the Wound Care Program in Cameroon, whom both served with the CBCHS for over 15 years. The Executive President of the CBC, Rev. Dr. Nditemeh Charlemagne commended their hard work, dedication, and love while reminding them that they will always be valuable contacts for the CBCHS.

The Director of the CBCHS, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih wished them a safe leave and urged them to remain powerful volunteers, continuing to provide quality care to all. Being present to receive his certificate and charge as a surgeon was very important for Dr. Nwegbu Chukwuemeka Gerald who made it from Nigeria, and it was no surprise to all as the Director of his program, Dr. Mark Jonathan Snell described him as dedicated and tenacious, committed to seeing things to the end. To the graduating internists, Dr. Julie Anne Stone, Director of the CIMS Program described Dr. Lubeka Nina as dedicated and approachable; Dr. Ngowo Eyambe Lydia as perseverant and hardworking; and Dr. Shadrach Fritz Kombe as a natural leader who is committed to the course, seeking after the welfare of his patients.

In his commencement address to the graduates, Dr. Sharpe Richard Powell, visiting PAACS faculty and surgeon from USA told them to take note of three crucial facts; firstly, moments of inadequacy shows when they are right where they ought to be, secondly, they must be a servant to all no matter how much power and influence they wield, and thirdly, to be contented in all circumstances, rejoicing in suffering because it births perseverance which fashions character. Dr. Sunday David Limnyuy, internist and Assistant Program Director for CIMS further charged them to honor God with the knowledge they have acquired, putting it to practice and going after wisdom where necessary in order to be the best at what they were trained for. In response, the graduates thanked the faculty for providing a conducive environment to study irrespective of the crisis and the prevalent COVID-19 pandemic.

They requested their mentors to always expect them to return for coaching, noting that irrespective of their smartness and intelligence, what will make them special is their kindness and their manner of treating their patients.The CBCHS continues to be a reference in quality services and is considered the second-best health service provider after the government, also serving as a consultant, preparing quality surgeons and internists through the Baptist Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS). “The institution brings hope and stability to our health system through trainers from the USA and Europe, attracting doctors from all over the world,” remarked Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, Director of Health Services as he pledged to facilitate all projects initiated to run these training programs. Dr. Nditemeh Charlemagne, CBC Executive President appreciated the magnitude of the PAACS and CIMS programs and the value it has added to the CBC. The EP paid glowing tributes to the faculty members for their immense contribution in molding the residents into veritable specialist doctors. He especially made mention of and appreciated the invisible actors who contribute to the achievement of the school, those like the housekeepers, drivers and frontline healthcare actors, whose services, according to the EP, are recognized not only by man but by God.

“The CBC Health Services is able to provide quality healthcare services to all, thanks to all the actors involved, the EP noted.