PCC/CBC/ISTP Invests in Training School Leaders on Quality School Leadership and Constructive Feedback for Quality Education

PCC/CBC/ISTP Invests in Training School Leaders on Quality School Leadership and Constructive Feedback for Quality Education

By Blessing Serkwi Weyih

School leaders drawn from 21 selected schools of the West and North West Regions of Cameroon have been schooled on quality school leadership and constructive feedback. This was in a one day training workshop organized by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC), and the Pedagogic In-service Training Program (ISTP) at Baptist Centre Nkwen on Thursday 11, November 2021. The heavily attended workshop of over 65 participants had as its theme: “Quality School Leadership and Constructive Feedback”. The workshop was officially declared open by the CBC Education Secretary Mr. Nyanganji Job Indi on behalf of the PCC Education Secretary and the ISTP.

The goal was to equip these school leaders with quality school leadership skills and also to create awareness in them that, they should sometimes visit the classrooms, not for administrative instructions but constructive feedback.

The CBC E S while declaring open this workshop stated clearly to the participants that ‘‘ you are here today either because you are a born leader, a trained leader or you are both-born and made’’. He further made them to understand that, there is a difference between a mere leader and a quality leader which is what shall be the emphasis of the workshop. ‘‘ we know you all are leaders but we want to transform  you to quality leaders, leaders of substance and purpose driven leaders through this training’’ he  concluded. The seasoned administrator did not end without appreciating the funders of this project-ISTP, Bread for the World in Germany who, despite the ongoing socio-political crisis, they still accepted to fund the project.

‘‘School leaders should be agents of change and teaching should be collaborative and not competitive among Protestant school leaders in order to improve on the teaching-learning process’’ opined the German based coordinator of the ISTP Project and also one of the main facilitators of the organized training workshop Mr. Njobah Frederich. It is worth mentioning that, Mr. Njoba Frederick facilitated one of the slots of the workshop ‘‘quality school leadership’’ through zoom connection.

The Pedagogic In-Service Training Program Station Adviser for Bamenda, Mr. Wepngong Emmanuel was also a facilitator of this training workshop who said that, they have not relent in equipping the teachers of these institutions on leadership skills and better teaching methods not even with the present crisis in these restive regions (NW/SW). ‘‘Our focus is to ensure that, leadership in the schools become more transformational and instructional since that is the aim of schools, and I’m so happy today because the enthusiasm I see in my participants and from their contributions, it is clear that this training workshop has been an eye opener and I am optimistic that there is going to be a paradigm shift in what they would be doing in the schools when they go back’’; the Pedagogue affirmed.

According to the Head Teacher of Presbyterian Nursery School Tobin Mrs. Fai Ophelia, having participated in this workshop was a great opportunity and from the slots delivered, they are already preparing themselves for leadership in a wonderful way. She further said, from the skills they have acquired, if they go back to their various institutions and don’t make a change, it will imply that, their trip to the training ground was useless.  These participants both from Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools were cautioned by the facilitators to always visit the classroom once in a while not to give administrative instructions but to get constructive feedback .