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Rev. Tanni bids Farewell as Chaplaincy Leadership changes at CBCHS Resource Centre, Mvan

By Fotabong Cynthia

‘When tomorrow starts without me, I know how much you love me as much as I love you. Each time I think of you, I know how much I miss you.’ These were the parting words of Rev. Tanni Moses Ngong, Chaplain of CBC Health Services Resource Centre of Excellence Mvan, Yaoundé. The seasoned Chaplain bid farewell to the staff recently during a send-forth ceremony organized in his honour. Rev. Tanni passed the mantle of leadership to the incoming Chaplain, Pastor Ngwa Oliver.

The Director of the CBC Health Services, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, appreciated Rev. Tanni Moses for the great work he has done at the CBCHS Resource Centre, especially as the pioneer pastor to the prayer group at the Mvan Centre. “We will Miss Rev. Tanni Moses,” Prof. Tih reiterated.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Assistant Administrator of the CBCHS Resource Centre, Mvan, Mr. Kadzem Claude revealed that the Resource Centre is blessed to have been the last station of the CBCHS to benefit from the grey hair and wealth of knowledge and experience of Reverend Tanni Moses. “He is a refined brain noted in his display of humility and simplicity,” Mr. Kadzem noted.

To him (Mr Kadzem), while at Mvan, Rev Tanni has been a father, counselor, pastor, leader and colleague; he has been in the management committee, making decisions for the Centre. Mr. Kadzem emphasized that Rev. Tanni is well admired for his simplicity which makes him relate with everyone without difficulties. “He is also prayerful in nature and that gives him strength to go through his many challenges,” the Assistant Administrator added.

‘ When he smiles, he looks even younger. His preaching voice has remained loud and he never gets tired when he speaks. The only thing that convinces me that he is above 70 is his grey hair and many grand-children ,’ Mr. Kadzem remarked with admiration.

In response, Rev Tanni said, “When we think of the yesteryears, the good and the bad, we think of all the love we shared and the fun we had. We give God the glory for binding us with cords that cannot be broken”.

While addressing Pastor Ngwa Oliver, the incoming chaplain, Rev. Tanni beseeched him to trust in the Lord with all his heart and lean not unto his own understanding. “In all your ways acknowledge the Lord and He will direct your path,” the older chaplain cautioned the younger.

Professional Career

Rev Tanni Moses, age 70, had a rich professional career that spans 37 years before retirement and 8 years of active service after retirement in the CBC Health Board and the CBC church. Before retirement, Rev Tanni served as a Pastor of Kishiy Baptist Church in 1974-1975. He then moved to Banso Baptist Hospital where he worked as a Chaplain from 1975 -1984. He was later transferred to Kumbo Baptist Church where he was a pastor from 1984-1988. To crown it all, he served as the CBCHS chaplaincy supervisor from 1992-2000 and 2002-2012.

After retirement, Rev Tanni Moses continued to relentlessly work as a Chaplain of Mbingo Baptist Hospital from 2012-2013. Later, he worked as a Chaplain on special duties in the DHS office from 2014-2017. He lastly served as a Chaplain at the Resource Centre of Excellence, Mvan from 2019-2022.

Awards and Honours

While serving with the CBC Health Services, Rev. Tanni received a Certificate of Merit for outstanding Christian Character while on duty and off-duty, and for demonstrating Christian concern in serving the sick and fellow staff. He also received an Award of Merit by the CBC Health Services for being outstanding in services and devoted in duty, demonstrating exemplary love and compassion towards others and devotion to the Lord Jesus. Lastly, he was granted a Certificate of Distinguished Patronage in 2015 by Chaffee Memorial Baptist College (CMBC) Kumbo, for sponsoring 4 students in the school and encouraging others.

Incoming Chaplain

The incoming Chaplain of the Resource Centre of Excellence, Pastor Ngwa Oliver commenced his journey as a Chaplain at the Banso Baptist Hospital and was later transferred to the Baptist Hospital Banyo. He takes over from Rev. Tanni Moses, as Chaplain of the CBC Health Services Resource Centre of Excellence Mvan-Yaounde.

The send forth ceremony was graced by the Yaounde Field pastor, Rev. Jumbuin Enoch, the leadership of Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital led by the Administrator, Mr. Ngum Samuel, the leadership of Ekoumdoum Baptist Hospital Yaoundé, the leadership of Nkoabang Baptist Health Centre, the Pastor of Grace Baptist Church Tropicana, Ps Faraday, the Traditional Ruler of Ndamvout Village, His majesty Abega Joseph, the staff of the CBC Health Services Resource Centre of Excellence, Mvan and clergy among others dignitaries.

It is time for Rev Tanni to spend quality time with his wife, 5 daughters and 6 grandchildren.