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Security: One of the priorities for CBC Health Services

By Clementina Njang Yong

A three-month training for some 65 Security guards to serve with the CBC Health Services is underway in Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon. The Security guards course according to the Supervisor of Security Services for the CBCHS Mr. Tufoin George is intended to close the gaps in this very important sector within the institution.

Security guards are regularly trained and stationed in all the health facilities (Hospitals and Health Centers) within the CBC Health Services to give directives to visitors/clients, protect the property of the institution and patients, protect the lives of everyone around the hospitals/health centers, and ensure a calm environment for all in need of healthcare, etc.

The training is borne from a shortage in security guards staffing, and upon completion of this course, they are expected to join and enforce those already on the field. The security guards’ training recruits qualified applicants into the CBC Health Services who most often find interest in other internal available opportunities, thereby changing their roles and creating room for more recruits. Others resign for other jobs, and this training ensures that there is never a void in security concerns and staffing. Over the years, many young people dream of joining this profession especially to serve with the corps of the CBC Health Services.

Those in the current batch attest to being happy and fulfilled for succeeding through the selection process to undergo this enriching course that promises a brighter future for them. According to Kwasenyi Magdeline, her interest in the course has been because of the job opportunity it gives to young Cameroonians. “Before, I was just a farmer. I used to look at security guards as common people. But thanks to this course I value security for our country – Cameroon”. “With this training, you learn to secure your job, your home, and your family”. 48-year-old Lukong Pascaline notes that her interest in the security guards training course is because she has been a security guard before at Shisong Catholic Hospital and this training will help to improve her knowledge.

A native of Banso, a mother of 4, and currently an Internally Displace Person (IDP) in Bamenda, she states that “I love to see people in the society be straightforward because I {Pascaline} am a straightforward person. I love assisting people with what they cannot do by themselves”. With this training, she has learned professional aspects of her job that she did not know before. “I am a changed security guard now and wherever I will go, my leaders will enjoy my services” she concludes with pride. “This training is a fertile ground for those who are interested in security work. I was with a network marketing company before joining this course. I have learned to ensure records of my activities in my log book. I have also learned effective communication and interaction with people and to uphold politeness” says 25-year-old Nyang Erica Kieya. To 32 years old Tatang Kenneth, a father of three who has been working as a primary school teacher, this course comes with promises he cannot overlook.

Kenneth states that he has suffered unstable salary pay in his previous job and the Security Guards course promises a better career for him that will help him to support his family. He is also glad to serve in the same institution with his wife who is a Nurse Assistant with the CBC Health Services. “This course has helped me to think differently. If the CBC Health Services continuous with this training, it will help many Cameroonians”. Kenneth intends to further his education in security and eventually become a mentor in it. 27 – year old Nshom Ephesian from Noni thanks the Chief of Centre for Ngaptang Baptist Health Centre who gave him information when the course was launched. Ephesians as a church Deacon and voluntary assistant at the Ngeptang Health Center says he was quite grateful when he was informed and he did not hesitate to follow up with the application process for recruitment. He had been waiting for this opportunity.

“Security has been my dream. I have seen my age mates’ progress after joining this course. This inspired me. I am now on the right path. The training is going on very well. My friends asked me if I was studying for three months just to catch a thief. It is a serious course that has changed my way of reasoning, how to address problems etc. It has a positive impact on my life”. Tatah Paul, trainee. The trainees with good gender representation have been unanimous in their appreciation of the CBC Health Services for this unique opportunity and pray to God to continue to protect and grant more knowledge to their teachers. This course started in August and will end on October 31, 2022.