Soppo Field Pastor Visits Educational Institutions within the Field

Soppo Field Pastor Visits Educational Institutions within the Field

       Relindise Malle Dih 

     In a two day tour of Educational Facilities within the Field, Rev. Dr. Liombe Timothy has visited some educational facilities within the area of his jurisdiction. After visiting the Baptist High School Soppo and Tole on February the 9th 2021, he visited the Baptist Comprehensive High School Soppo, Early Childhood, Praise Baptist Academy, CBC Macedonia, CBC mile 16 and CBC Mile 14 Dibanda Buea.   His first stop was at the BCHS Soppo, were Rev Liombe alongside his entourage comprising of Pastor Roland Lyonga, Pastor Ebai Doughlas, Pastor Ngong Gabriel and Pastor Figbam Collins were welcomed by the Principal Mme Hannah Motutu and her Staff. The Principal took the team round the campus, showing the number of classrooms they have and their vision to build more befitting classrooms. She also showed them the dormitories and the challenge of building a good fence especially around the dormitories to avoid recalcitrant students from jumping out through the fence. In a brief meeting with the Staff, the Field Representative through Rev. Liombe appreciated the resilient nature of the Teachers who have stood the test of time, especially in the phase of both the Socio-Political Crisis and Covid-19 Pandemic. In his message of encouragement, reminded them that the Education Department of the CBC is top on the list of the new Executive President’s priorities. Therefore, they were called upon to stay hopeful, respect their School Authorities, value team work and integrity and be good examples especially before their Students. The Principal confirmed that Teachers have started enjoying  some benefits in terms of allowances and stepping up of salaries. The education experts were prayed for as the Field entourage continued the tour to the Early childhood.                       

At the Early Childhood, the Pupils of the School sang songs and recited words of welcome as the Team made entry into the Hall. The Head Teacher, welcomed and appreciated the field initiative as she said the main challenge they have being facing was that they have lost most of their pupils to the neighboring government primary school, since the Socio-Political crisis started. Rev. Liombe encouraged the Teachers not to give up but to keep up as administration strategizes to have more pupils. They were prayed for as well.                

Moving to Praise Academy, a new School owned by Praise Baptist Church Ndongo, the Field Pastor applauded such an initiative of the church especially the fact that being the first year of operation, they already have an enrollment of ninety two Pupils and six Staff. The Senior Pastor Rev. Tata Stephen and the Head Teacher Mr. Mbuh Theodore said the School is a medium through which the church intends to use to promote integrity in society and also support missions. However, they said their main challenge is constructing a good structure to accommodate Pupils from class One-Six. This was channeled to God in prayers by the Team.  CBC Macedonia a new born of Macedonia Baptist Church with eighty pupils was the next school visited by the Field team. The pastor of the church, Rev. Nji David and the Head Teacher Mme Delphine Kidio, took the entourage to each class to see the number of pupils and their Teachers. The School Administration, thanked the team for the visit revealing that they hope to grow bigger such that they could begin a Daycare as well. Their main challenge was the lack of a School Bus. They were also prayed for as the entourage moved to CBC Mile 16, a School which was formally directly under the CBC Education Department but now managed by the Salem Baptist Church Mile 16.

  Rev. Hans Ekwe and the Head Teacher warmly welcomed the Field Team as Rev. Liombe celebrated the one hundred and twenty three pupils and their teachers who he told are all Grade One teachers. Rev. Ekwe said they would have had more pupils if not for the fact that they started the academic year late. He said they look forward to the construction of more classrooms.  The last stop was at CBC Dibanda managed by Jordan Baptist Church Dibanda with an enrollment of fifty four Pupils and four Staff. Rev. Mbella the church Pastor and the Head Teacher said, located in an area which still faces threats due to the crisis, this causes instability in the School. Also, though the fee has been reduced to fit their context, parents still find it difficult to pay. The Administration and Pupils were prayed for and the Field Pastor promised to present their plight to hierarchy. It is worth noting that the Field Pastor in his tour, encouraged the School Administrations to have a good relationship with the Government and the Education Department of the CBC.