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Two Soppo Field Ministers Ripe for Ordination

By Evenye Ndumbe Kechen 

Pastor Roland Lyonga of Ebenezer Baptist Church Great Soppo in charge of Street Two Prayer Group and Pastor Ebolo Peter of Salvation Baptist Church Bokwai defended their doctrinal Statement on Saturday 13th March 2021 in a separate Ordination Council Evaluation. The team of CBC Clergy headed by the CBC Executive President Rev. Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne, together with Rev. Dr Teke John, Rev. Shu Divine and Rev. Dr Liombe Timothy constituted members of the evaluation council. Their first stop over was at Ebenezer Baptist Church Soppo at 9am, where Pastor Roland Lyonga did a wonderful presentation (beginning with his Salvation testimony, Call into Ministry, the Doctrine of Scripture (Bibliology), the Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Angels, Doctrine of Man, Doctrine of Christ, Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Doctrine of Salvation, Doctrine of the Church and Doctrine of the Last Things.  He was scored 95%. The moderator for his session was Rev. Dr Motombi Itue.Moving to Salvation Baptist Church Bokwai, it was about 2pm. Pastor Ebolo Peter faced the council as he defended his doctrinal Statement. Rev. Nelson Njobara was the moderator during his session. He had a score of 90%. Both Pastors are looking forward to their Ordination as Reverend Pastors of the CBC in the months ahead.