Developing Youths After God's Heart

Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth

Capacity Statement

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Youth and Students Department (CBCYSD) started in 1963 with the mission to address the Spiritual, Psychosocial and Holistic well being of Children, Adolescents, Youths and Students within and without the Cameroon Baptist Convention Churches and Institutions. To achieve its mission, the CBCYSD runs a portfolio of programs  and ministries for boys, girls, youths and students. The CBCYSD has grown enormously and presently supports over 1,500 Youth and Campus Fellowships with discipleship and other educational materials.


Developing Youths and Students who are passionately committed to Christ’s purpose for their lives and the World.


As a Department, we are a Fellowship and a Ministry of all the Youth Organizations of the Churches of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, united for the purpose of Christian Discipleship, Fellowship, Evangelism and Cooperative efforts in service, Building and Strengthening the Youths to higher life by extending the course of our Lord Jesus Christ in Cameroon and the World.” Matthew 28:18-20, 1 Timothy 4:12, Hebrews 10:24 -25.



Biblical Foundation​

Remember your Creator
in the days of your youth,
before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them”

Ecclesiastes 12:1


Rev. Ghamogha Cosmas


Rev. Ghamogha Cosmas holds a Masters degree in Ministry. He is married to Ghamogha Hillarine and they are blessed with three Children (Phoebe, Seth & Peace). He has served as Youth and Missions Pastor at Fountain Baptist Church Ndop, Pioneer Missionary to the Bassossia Mission Station West Region, Pastor of Salvation Baptist Church Nkwen Bamenda, has served the CBC Youth Department in several capacities and has been serving as Director of the CBC Youth and Student Department since 2018.

Njilah Brian Bunyi

CBCYSD Board Chair

Njilah Brian Bunyi is a Mathematics Teacher, he is married and father of two.


Youth And Students Department In Action

Youths For Christ

December 2019 Board Meeting

December 2019 Board Meeting

Students Standing Out For Christ

Students Standing Out For Christ

Transforming Worship Experience

Transforming Worship Experience

Baptist Campus Fellowship-Book Donation

Baptist Campus Fellowship-Book Donation

Dynamic Leadership

Dynamic Leadership

Programs and Services

Our Services Reach all 10 Regions of Cameroon

CBCYSD operates over 1,500 Church-Based Youth Groups that meet weekly for Bible Studies,Prayers, Evangelism and other activities aimed at building the spiritual, psychological, social and economic capacities of the youths. These groups are spread over the national territory where CBC churches are found. Many mature believers owe much to these groups for their foundation and choice of marriage partner.

The Boys Brigade of Cameroon (The BB)

The Objective of the Boys Brigade is the advancement of Christ's Kingdom among boys and for the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness.

Description of Ministry
The Boys Brigade has as objective to reach boys, hence the focus of her activities is the company at Church level. Boys in a church are organized in a group called a company. A company is formed by the decision of the leadership of a Church. The Church Pastor, by default, is the Chaplain of the BB company. The BB meets at least twice weekly to learn and carry out diverse activities.

Operation of Ministry

Companies of four or more come together to form a battalion in a defined geographic area. Battalions (Associations) also come together  to form a Council (Field). Councils in a particular region come together to form a Regional Council and all Regional Councils make up the Boys Brigade. At each level there are leaders who facilitate the work of the BB in areas like training and fellowship. The National Council which is constituted by representatives from all the Council and Regions meet at least once annually to report and deliberate on matters concerning the BB. The National Executive Council which is elected by the General Session of the BB meets at least twice annually and as need arises to handle BB affairs. The National BB Chairman is the ceremonial head of the BB while the National BB Coordinator is responsible for the day to day running of the BB in Cameroon.

Ministry Impact
The BB was started by Sir Alexander William Smith in 1883 in Glasgow Scotland. In Cameroon it started in 1957. The BB has over 16000 members in Cameroon. The BB has impacted the lives of many Cameroonian leaders including business men,Athletes, Teachers, Ministers and Prime Minister. Many Pastors have had their roots traced back to their time in the Boys Brigade.

The BB in Cameroon is in partnership with Global Fellowship of Christian Youth, Boys Brigade Fellowship of West Africa
Contact Details
Email: Facebook: Boys brigade Cameroon.

Challenges and Prayer Points
The BB in Cameroon is faced with some challenges.

  • There is no office space provided, absence of the BB in most Churches in Cameroon.
  • The BB is interdenominational but seem to be popular only in Cameroon Baptist Convention churches in Cameroon.
  • There is a poor promotion scheme for boys and leaders.
  • Some Misinformed and incompetent leaders at different levels.
    The economic empowerment projects have suffered many setbacks.
  • The BB Documentation project formerly located in Bambili has been on hold for many years especially due to the socio-political crises in Cameroon. The same fate has befallen the Palm Plantation in Mbaw which, though bearing fruit already, cannot be accessed due to insecurity.
  • Poor public presentations, poor statistics and poor International representation.
  • There has been serious distortion and lack in their uniforms by many companies.
  • The number of boys in BB Cameroon has not been properly counted since 2018 due to sociopolitical crises in Cameroon.
  • The BB Constitution is being developed and will help in resolving some of these challenges, for example, the problem of uniforms and lines of accountability.
  • Furthermore, leadership development has been programed at the national level once every two years and at the regional level once every year. Pray that the Lord will give solutions to these challenges and enable the BB in Cameroon meet her objectives.

3-H is a ministry of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Youth and Student Department that operates through church-based groups. It came into existence because of the great need to further home training and a deeper spiritual life among girls.

The objectives of the 3-H are:

  • Bring girls to Jesus as personal Savior from sin
  • Give training's in good habits of Christian living, Faithful prayers and daily reading of God's word.
  • Provide leadership trainings to girls for further Christian services.
  • Guide the development of girls into a fully Christ-centered life through interesting activities.                                                                                                                                                                                   

This is the ministry arm that mobilizes and pulls together talented youths in creative arts who use their aesthetic skills (gifts and talents) to facilitate ministry in the Cameroon Baptist Convention and beyond.

The student ministry is the ministry arm of the department that seeks to build students of various schools using a holistic approach.

The importance of Biblically sound and relevant Christian education materials cannot be over emphasized. CBCYSD considers the molding of young people after the likeness of Christ as its
primary mandate. To achieve this mandate, CBCYSD produces diverse forms of Christian literature including, Bible study manuals, magazines, conference handbooks, etc.

Hearing the voice of God in today’s busy and fast paste world can be very challenging. Moments of intense prayers and meditation are helpful in deepening our discernment and worship of God. CBCYSD organizes camps and retreats at Church, Association, and Field levels for this aim and the serene nature of lake Oku and camp Bimbia have made them  suitable for this.


CBCYSD organizes seminars and workshops at Church, Association, and Field levels to empower youths in different life domains using hands-on and practical approach that promote interaction, and skill acquisition in a more friendly manner.

To promote fellowship within the youths of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBCYSD organizes three major conferences at the national level. The Youth Leadership Conference aims to empower youths with leadership skills and values to influence their generation positively for Christ. The Students Conference is organized in targeted areas by the national office to empower and guide students to succeed in career and academic issues for the expansion of the kingdom of God. The National Youth Conference is the biggest CBCYSD gathering that brings together thousands of youths biennially for fellowship and spiritual empowerment .

Motivated by the example of Jesus Christ our Lord in taking care of the physical and spiritual needs of man, the CBCYSD runs a YEEP to build the economic potentials of youths to be able to produce and market basic commodities such as pastries, cosmetics, detergents and other household consumables like vegetables and poultry as a means to assist their efforts to become independent and self-reliant; and generally to improve the quality of their lives.

Volunteering provides opportunities for youths to develop a servant’s heart and a deeper love for Christ. During the CBCYSD Youth Volunteer Week, youths go out and Clean garbage, rehabilitate community infrastructures, take care of children and the elderly and offer diverse forms of voluntary services at churches, schools, hospital and within the communities.

CBCYSD promotes sports & physical activities by organizing inter-church sports competitions, Associations, and Field friendly games. Picnics, excursions, Physical exercises and competitive
games are integrated in most CBCYSD activities & programs at all levels.

This program empowers adolescents and youths with information, skills and Christian values to make God-honoring and healthy decisions concerning their sexuality. This program also assist youths make the transition from childhood to adulthood.


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